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CE Oscillator MT4

CE (Cumulative Energy) Oscillator transforms the input data time series into cumulative lines. The indicator also has the built-in energy indicator.

Two moving averages are used for market entry. Users can specify the calculation period for each line in the parameter settings.

Err - rounding error value for Energy line.

ArrowShow displays the arrows showing the current direction of the indicator lines. 

DraeHistogram specifies representation of the cumulative lines as a histogram from the zero line.

Graphical constructions of the indicator are displayed as cumulative lines. The cumulative line is a sum of increments that are equal in absolute value (positive or negative), so that a straight line is generated as a result. Such representation makes reversals and extreme values more visible, since the tops of the cumulative lines are formed by crossing of the two oppositely directed lines. The cumulative lines smooth insignificant fluctuations. If the line is located at the upper or lower border of its range, it means the trend continues in the appropriate direction. 

CE indicator uses graphical constructions calculated as the cumulative values ​​of the following parameters: 

  • FcLine - difference between the price forecast and slow average
  • FsLine - difference between fast and slow average 
  • SlLine - slow average (defined by the input parameter)
  • AvgLine - average by difference buffers

The following parameters are also calculated in addition to the cumulative lines:

  • Energy - is the energy line calculated as kinetic energy in physics: E = (m*v^2)/2/, where m - tick volumes; v - price rate of change (ROC).
  • Correlation is a correlation ratio of the Average buffer's calculation data.
  • Trend - normalized weighted average of all cumulative lines.

Since the moving averages serve as the input data for CE indicator, it would be better to set the main chart's window according to CE parameters. Thus, we receive adjusted trading system consisting of MA trend indicators + oscillator.

ZigZag_FT indicator available in the Market for free is used for additional configuration of the main chart window.

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