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ProX New Expert ATC 2011

The Expert Advisor participated in Automated Trading Championship 2011. It was optimized to make it more profitable.

The strategy is based on two Moving Averages with different period and shift. Open position are closed by Take Profit, Stop Loss (with or without) trailing stop or according to an opposite signal.

To lock account profit or limit account loss, you can activate Target equity and/or Minimum equity in percentage of deposit at the settings.

This EA is optimized for EURUSD M1, but you can use it for other instruments by performing optimization first. You can adjust important parameters by performing optimization periodically using "Every tick based on real ticks" to get precise results or "Open prices only" to get faster results.

Input Parameters


  • Expert Name - name of this EA
  • Expert Version - version of this EA
  • Expert Developer - developer name


  • Slippage in pips - slippage
  • Magic Number - magic number


  • Money management (true or false) - use auto lots calculation
  • Risk in percentage terms - risk based on account balance to calculate lots
  • Volume in lots if money management false - fix lots if money management is set to false
  • Target profit in percentage money, if 0 not used - if this target is reached, the EA will close position
  • Target loss in percentage money, if 0 not used - if this target is reached, the EA will close position
  • Restart trade if one of Target is reached (true or false) - if set to true, the EA will restart a trade after the target profit is reached


  • Timeframe - timeframe
  • MA1_Period - First Moving Average period;
  • MA1_Shift - First Moving Average shift;
  • MA2_Period - Second Moving Average period;
  • MA2_Shift - Second Moving Average shift;
  • Stop Loss in pips - stop loss in pips, 0 - not used
  • Take Profit in pips - take profit in pips, 0 - not used
  • UseTrailingStop - Trailing Stop usage (true or false);
  • TrailingStop - Trailing Stop value in pips;


  • Header text colour - color of header text
  • Header background colour - color of header background
  • Background colour - color of background
  • Text colour - color of text
  • Account profit text colour - color of profit text
  • Account loss text colour - color of loss text
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Version 14.5 - 2018.03.14
- Fixed some bugs
- Re-structurized program
- Re-optimized
- Added display panel
Version 14.4 - 2014.01.21
- Fixed lots calculation.
Version 14.0 - 2013.07.31
Broker type recognition.