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Industrial Solution

This Expert is based on the change of Fractals and filtered by a mix of MA. The logic and cycle function of this bot is based on the automation industry.

What does this mean?

  • First of all the bot is optimized for Trading with EUR/USD.
  • Our bot is in the first line optimized for quick reaction to the changes of the tradeplace.
  • This means, it takes every tick of the tradeplace as first input and do the calculation and reaction as first instance, only after this the bot calculate changes for the visualisation and some other things (and this in one second update for less CPU use).
  • Elements that not enabled or not used would not be calculated for better runtime.
  • Even the trading function is for quick response optimized, it has a preset for all values that automaticly changed depend of the current state and if a trading request created it will be the first thing.

Simplified function of our bot:

  • It watching the last fractals of the up and down side and using a MA line as a filter function (This function can be deactivated, but only on own risk!)
  • The positions are closed through trailling stoploss.

Other functions:

  • Setup the max number of positions and the SL + TP of them.
  • Better Trailling Stoploss, that watch only on your expert position or on all position of the symbol.
  • Dynamic Volume for position opening (linear or exponential Volume depend on the Account Balance).
  • A Button that closes all current positive profit position (Netting Button, point 1 at screenshots).
  • Simply HUD that allow you to open position with the expert and change your inputs without restarting.

(HUD not ready yet , see as a beta feature).

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Version 1.25 2018.09.21
Netting Button has now full function

-fixed issue with first position