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Night Monkey Mini

Night Scalper. This is a free version of the Night Monkey Expert Advisor.

The differences from the full version:

- the number of trades and amount of profit are reduced by ~50%.

This system works in a calm market before the close of the New York session. The EA trades deviations from the market. If a trade is not closed with profit before the session ends, the robot completely suspends its operation until the session decreases. Once the spread returns to normal values, the EA continues its operation and attempts to close the trade with the maximum profit before the European session starts.

Correct selection of the time zone is crucial for the EA.

It is recommended to switch the EA off on the days of major news releases. It is also advisable to turn if off on Fridays in case the news releases are expected on weekends, as they may lead to gaps in unfavorable direction.


  • Trading numerous pairs allows you to significantly increase the level of diversification, which in turn increases the stability of trading.
  • The EA does not keep unprofitable trades, does not apply averaging or martingale.
  • By the time the European session opens, all trades will have been closed in 99% of the cases.
  • A large number of trades. Trades almost every night.
  • Virtual stop orders.
  • Low balance to start conservative trading.
  • Very simple configuration. To start trading, it is only necessary to correctly specify the time zone of your broker.

Recommended currency pairs and spreads

  • EURAUD - 2 points
  • EURCAD - 2 points
  • GBPAUD - 3 points
  • GBPCAD - 3 points
  • GBPCHF - 3 points
  • GBPUSD - 2 points
  • USDCAD - 2 points
  • USDCHF - 2 points
  • AUDCAD - 2 points
  • AUDCHF - 2 points
  • CADCHF - 3 points
  • GBPSGD - 5 points
  • USDJPY - 2 points
  • GBPJPY - 2 points
  • EURGBP - 2 points
  • EURCHF - 2 points

Recommended balance: $150 for trading all pairs using 0.01 lot.


  • GMT Offset - the most important parameter. It sets the time zone of your broker. Before you start trading, make sure that it is configured correctly!
  • Magic Number - EA ID. It is necessary so that the EA is able to distinguish its trades from the trades of other experts.
  • Fixed Lot - trade volume.
  • DepoOnFixedLot - use Fixed Lot per the specified amount of the deposit units. For example: if set to 150, the lot size will be calculated as 0.01 per 150 units of the deposit. If set to 0, a constant fixed lot will be used.
Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.16 02:44 

Early forward testing on Demo, but so far so good.