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WS TikPip

WS Tik Size indicator evaluates the tick price action size and tick's directional movement simultaneously. WS Tik Size serves purpose of finding very accurate reversals from large institutional sized orders. The purpose is to maximize profits if in a position and exit on Large Tick size.

  • The blue histogram represents the bullish impulse
  • The red histogram represents the bearish impulse
  • The Yellow Cross represents the current impulse

The trading implications are straightforward

  • You can buy when the bearish impulse exceeds the average volatility (Red histogram > average)
  • You can sell when the bullish impulse exceeds the average volatility (Blue histogram > average)

WS Tik Size algorithm finds the following events

  • Sudden large tick size is likely to change market into an immediate reversal point
  • Other usage of the indicator is to analyze and follow market volatility

Recommended WS Tik Tools

Filtering of trades can be done using the following tools:

  • Spread Detection
  • Support and Resistance Zones
  • Moving Average Divergences


William Schaarrand, private investor, software coder and FX trader.

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