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Vibranium EA

Vibranium EA is an affordable version of Nemesis EA. It uses the same concept of Vibranium to predict the future price in Forex market and due to many factors that affect the Forex market every year. The Vibranium values need to be updated once in a year or two so that the EA can be aware of any change and can quickly adapt to the new market conditions. It uses one Vibranium parameter.

The differences with Nemesis EA are:

  • It uses 2 Vibranium Parameters while Nemesis EA uses 4.
  • It is cheaper version of Nemesis EA.


Expert Advisor test results: Vibranium EA having initial deposit of $1,000 have earned $16,145.55 on EURUSD H1 in the period from January 1, 2017 to February 23, 2018.

Net income comprised $16,145.55 in 12 months, Lot:0.09 and Auto Increment: True and Drawdown=37%

The Vibranium parameters need to be found periodically by optimizing so that the Expert Advisor can detect the change and adapt quickly to the market new conditions.

  1. Normal Mode: 1 year backtest max due to the change of Forex market and only EURUSD H1.
  2. Vibranium Mode: 3 years backtest max due to the change of Forex market, any curency and any timeframe.

One important thing to remember is

  • Limited! Only 25 sells with 5 activation and after that the EA will be withdrawn from the market.


  • Limited to 25 sells.
  • Adapt quickly to new market conditions.
  • Minimum deposit.
    1. Normal Mode: USD 1000 and Lot: 0.01.
    2. Vibranium Mode: USD 200 and Lot: 0.01.


  • StopLoss = 750 - Stop Loss.
  • TakeProfit = 4900 - Take Profit 1 Used in normal trading.
  • TakeProfit2 = 50 - Take Profit 2 Used in recovering Mode.
  • TrailingStop = 30 - Trailing Stop 1 Normal.
  • TrailingStop2 = 10 - Trailing Stop 2 Recovering.
  • PipsAway = 50 - Distance Between Order In Normal Mode.
  • PipsAway2 = 200 - Distance Between Order In Recover Mode.
  • Vibranium1 - Value from 1-100. Default: 25, meaning 25% is zone of selling and 75% is zone of buying. It confirms with RSI Indicator. Optimize once a year.
  • Vibranium2 - Value from 1-100. Default: 45, meaning 45% is zone of selling and 55% is zone of buying. It confirms with RSI Indicator. Optimize once a year.
  • Factor = 1.2 - Lot increment factor.
  • Lots2 = 2.0 - Lots multiplier.
  • Lots = 0.01 - Lots number.
  • Magic = 198701 - Magic number.

I will advise to optimize special parameters at least once a year so in case there is any change in the market conditions, the EA will adapt fast and accurately to the market new conditions.

Change settings only if you know what you are doing. In case you do not know, use default settings.

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