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Icebergs displays areas of the greatest confrontation between major sellers and buyers on the chart. It also marks a forthcoming strong movement from a specified point. The accumulation of icebergs indicates the strength of the level and interest of major players at this level.


Icebergs are areas marked by the indicator. They are optimal for opening trades and are also targets for taking profit.


  1. The indicator warns of a forthcoming movement.
  2. The indicator pattern works on any pairs, crypto currencies and timeframes.
  3. The indicator does not delay as it follows the pattern.
  4. The indicator code is optimized for the minimum CPU load.
  5. The pattern trigger probability exceeds 70% and depends on pair and timeframe features.


  • Bars of history - number of bars of the current timeframe for calculation
  • Ratio ATR - ATR ratio of the current timeframe
  • Trigger amount - threshold number of the pattern trigger activations
  • Alert - visual and audio alert to a new iceberg formation
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