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Scalper vJ

This is a multicurrency Expert Advisor for MetaTrader4, which opens orders during the periods of low market activity (night time, break between sessions on exchanges).

Trading Strategy

The SCALPER_vJ EA trades on the following currency pairs: EURCHF, USDCHF, CHFJPY, EURAUD. To analyze the quotes, it uses trend indicators on the М15 timeframe. The EA determines the opportunities to open orders according to the values of these indicators. Stop orders (Stop Loss and Take Profit) are always used when opening orders. In the process of trading, the stop orders are modified according to the current market conditions, minimizing possible losses.

The EA implements a news filter to avoid unforeseen losses, as well as a money management system to set the risk level. It can work on any pairs simultaneously.

Accounts with low spreads are preferred.


When using the news filter, it is necessary to add the URL http://ec.forexprostools.com to the allowed URLs in the terminal settings (shown in the screenshot).

Check Allow WebRequest for listen URL:

Set the SERVER TIME ZONE parameter for the correct operation of the news filter.

If you selected a trading period that includes a day change (00:00), use the flag TRADE ONLY IN POSUITIVE SWAP. This will help avoid SWAP (especially during the transition from Wednesday to Thursday).


  • NUMBER OF ORDERS BUY - the number of BUY orders opened at a time
  • NUMBER OF ORDERS SELL - the number of SELL orders opened at a time
  • MIN PROFIT POINTS - the minimum profit level
  • MAX SPREAD OPEN - the maximum spread for the EA to open orders
  • TRADE ONLY IN POSITIVE SWAP - trade in the direction of positive swaps
  • START TIME TRADING - the EA operation start time
  • STOP TIME TRADING - the EA operation end time
  • MAGIC NUMBER - magic number
  • NEWS FILTER (ON/OFF) - enable/disable the news filter
  • SERVER TIME ZONE - time zone of your broker's server
  • INDENT AFTER NEWS MINUTES - pause after a news release in minutes
  • INDENT BEFORE NEWS MINUTES - pause before a news release in minutes
  • ENABLE LIGHT NEWS - enable working during low-impact news releases
  • ENABLE MEDIUM NEWS - enable working during medium-impact news releases
  • ENABLE HARD NEWS - enable working during high-impact news releases
  • CURRENCY TO DISPLAY THE NEWS - select news for the specified currencies
  • MONEY MANAGEMENT - money management
  • RISK - risk percentage
  • ORIGINAL LOT - lot size when MONEY MANAGEMENT is disabled
  • RESTORING THE BALANCE - balance recovery (lot increment during a drawdown)
  • SLIPPAGE - slippage
  • MONITOR TRADES - enable the display of additional information
  • USE PROFIT LINE - draw the profit lines on the chart
  • USE SOUND - enable sounds
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Version 1.2 2018.09.29
Изменена стратегия закрытия позиции. Добавлен трейлиг открытых позиций.
Version 1.1 2018.05.21
1. Improved checking for a position opening signal.
2. Modified function for checking EA operation time. The range can be set up to a minute (example: TimeOpen = "00:33", TimeClose = "00:56")