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Alert Series RSI

Modification of the RSI indicator with several types of alerts added to aid in your search for better opportunities in the market.

Product Features

  • Email Alert
  • Sound alert
  • Push Notification (Alerts can be sent to your mobile phone)
  • Signs on chart
  • Alert box

Indicator Parameters

  • Push Notification - This option enables your MetaTrader 4 to send alerts to your smartphone (IOS or Android).
  • Email Alert - Configure your alerts to receive in your e-mail address.
  • SignOnChart - Enable drawing alerts on your chart.
  • Sound Alert - Enable sound alert on cross or level mode.
  • Alert Box - Enable simple alert box on events.
  • UpLevelAlert / DwLevelAlert - Configure the range Max and Min of indicator level to alert you.
  • LevelAlert - Enable alert on crossing the levels configured above.
  • SoundFile - File that you like to play on sound alert mode.
  • RSI Price - Price Type used in the indicator.
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