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Helpertrade is an assistant for manual trading and closing unprofitable trades. Attach the desired indicators to the chart and trade according to your strategy. Open the first order with the buttons on the screen. In case the first order in not closed by take profit and becomes unprofitable, the assistant will help in closing the unprofitable order with a grid in two variants:

  • If set to "false", orders will be closed using a normal grid.
  • If set to "true", opposite orders are used in the grid. In this variant, the profit is greater, but the closing of the entire grid is delayed, since the last opposite order slightly distances the take profit of the grid.


  • Lots - initial lot.
  • GridDistance - distance between grid orders.
  • Martin - lot multiplier for grid orders.
  • OpenContrOrder - selection of the grid mode.
  • Close_All_Profit - total take profit for closing the entire grid.
  • Magic - magic number.
mahaider222 2018.06.23 16:59 

good free stuff... but ea will be more profitable if add trailing and auto entry... good work yuriy