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Show Pips MT5

This information indicator allows you to always be aware of the current account status.

The indicator shows various data, including profit in points, percentage and currency, as well as a current symbol spread and time before a bar is closed on the current timeframe.

You can select one of the different info line location types:

  1. To the right of the price (always following it);
  2. As a comment (in the upper left corner of the chart);
  3. In a selected screen corner.

You can also select a data separator:

  1. |
  2. /
  3. .
  4. \
  5. #

The indicator is easy to use and very informative. You can disable unnecessary items of information in the settings.


  • Type of appearance - info line appearance type. There are three options:
    • Follow the price - following a price,
    • As comment - as a comment and
    • In selected corner of the screen - in the selected corner of the screen
  • Graph corner for attachment - if In selected corner of the screen is selected, this parameter allows you to select one of the four attachment angles
  • Show profit? - enable/disable display of a profit in a deposit currency
  • Show profit in percents? - enable/disable display of a profit in percentage
  • Show spread? - enable/disable display of a current spread
  • Show time to bar closure? - enable/disable display of a time remaining till a bar is closed
  • Text color - text color
  • Profit color - text color if there is a floating profit
  • Loss color - text color if there is a floating loss
  • Separator - line data separator. The parameter may have five values: "|", "/", ".", ''\", or "#"
  • Y coordinate - Y coordinate (if In selected corner of the screen is selected as the appearance type)
  • Indent in bars - indent from the current bar, in bars (if Follow the price is selected as the appearance type)
  • Font size - text font size
  • Font - text font
travltrader 2020.07.08 16:21 

This is a great indicator. An essential for anyone who enters multiple trades, particularly when scalping.

Mjay 2020.05.16 10:55 

Excellent indicator

Jiovanni_trader 2020.04.17 03:36 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Loai Al Moulim
Loai Al Moulim 2019.08.22 03:03 

Really nice , very helpful

Aleksandr Tamonin
Aleksandr Tamonin 2018.10.05 11:19 

Очень удобный индикатор! Спасибо автору!

rjrfiv03 2018.04.11 10:34 

Excellent, I use the MT4 for version as well, I'm happy to see this indicator now that I'm migrating to MT5.

Version 2.3 2020.03.31
Версия для нового билда.