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Catcher waves MACD

Catcher waves MACD is a trend Expert Advisor, which trades based on the behavior of the MACD oscillator. The system is programmed to enter the market at the beginning of a potential trend and to take profit using trailing stop. The EA is insensitive to sharp fluctuations of the price, which allows reducing the risks and using it during news releases. SL and TP are used for each opened deal. The trade volume used for opening positions can be calculated based on the current account equity, with the ability to adjust risks. It works on real accounts of any brokers with any order execution method, both on four-digit and five-digit quotes.


  • BuyRisk - risk for buy orders, %.
  • BuyStoploss - stop loss value for buy orders.
  • BuyTakeprofit - take profit value for buy orders.
  • TrailingStopBuy - profit in points to activate the trailing stop for buy orders.
  • MaxBuyRisk - maximum risk per deal for buy orders, %.
  • SellRisk - risk for sell orders, %.
  • SellStoploss - stop loss value for sell orders.
  • SellTakeprofit - take profit value for sell orders.
  • TrailingStopSell - profit in points to activate the trailing stop for sell orders.
  • MaxSellRisk - maximum risk per deal for sell orders, %.
  • MaximumLoss - maximum loss per deal in the deposit currency.
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowable spread for opening positions.
  • HoursFrom - hour to start trading.
  • HoursTo - hour to stop trading.
  • Autolot - use dynamic lot.
  • FactorBuy - lot multiplier for the second and subsequent buy orders.
  • FactorSell - lot multiplier for the second and subsequent sell orders.


  • Minimum deposit: $100.
  • Symbol: EURUSD;
  • Timeframe: H4.

The default parameters are optimal for the recommended conditions.

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