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EA Aries

Aries is a fully automated Expert Advisor.

  • A complete trading system including money management, entry strategy, exit strategy, trailing stop loss, condition stop loss and trailing take profit.
  • The historical data were analyzed using variance and multiple regression analysis, which makes the EA trend following and oscillation adapting.
  • Suitable for every currency pair, auto adjusts digits (2, 3, 4 or 5).
  • Automatic adapted stop loss, no fixed stop loss price. The EA knows when to close a trade.
  • Adjust the lots for entry automatically, based on market condition and the parameter "BaseLots".
  • Passed more than 8 years 99% tick Data test.
  • Almost all parameters are self-adapting. No need to use a set-file. The EA analyzes every situation per hour and selects every parameter itself.

Operation Principles

  • The EA will update the results from variance and multiple regression analysis at the beginning of every day and every hour.
  • The analysis is based on 2 timeframes (D1, H1) and 7 periods (Fibonacci increasing: 21, 21*2=42, 21*3=63, 21*5=105, 21*8=168, 21*13=273, 21*21=441). 3 data transformations (original data, log-transformation, log-difference-transformation) are used for each periods.
  • During the analysis, 2*7*3=42 series of slopes and vertical interceptions of the regression lines and some further values are calculated.
  • All the necessary parameters (except BaseLots and Magic) are adapted using the analysis results.
  • A schematic diagram below shows how the EA works.


There are only 2 parameters to be set manually.

  • BaseLots: The minimum lot size for calculation before placing an order. It can be any value larger than 0. This parameter enables a stepless risk management. (Stepless means, the minimum lotsize und lotstep do not matter, unusual value such as 0.007 or 0.0243 can also be used). As a result, the lot size for an order can vary from 1x to 21x BaseLots.
  • Magic: The number which makes orders unique from another EA.


  • Minimum deposit: 2000 USD for each currency pair running this EA with BaseLots 0.01. (For example: The EA is running on EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY with BaseLots 0.01, then the recommended minimum deposit is 3000 USD in total.)
  • During running (except testing), The EA will write a status file in the "Common" path of MT4. The status file contains several statistics, which are related to the trader's account and currency pair. This file is needed for reloading the EA on the same account and currency pair. If the file is modified or deleted manually, the EA will be reset after next reload.
  • The EA will analyze and may take action at the beginning of every hour. It is strongly recommended to place the EA on a VPS in order to keep it 24 hour running.
  • The EA is designed for every currency pair, however, currency pairs with high activity such as USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD are more recommended.
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