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WaltSoft Tick Indicator

Looking for more detailed price action?

Is trading M1 charts just not enough?

The WaltSoft Tick indicator draws every incoming tick!

In addition to that:

  • It draws your open positions, complete with Order Number and Lot Size.
  • It draws your TP and SL.
  • It calculates and displays your current profit or loss in points, money and percent.
  • It displays the current spread.
  • It displays the average spread.

This handy indicator will enhance your scalping strategies!


(most settings need no explanation)
  • Max Ticks to Show.
  • Round-Turn Commission --> Round-turn commission for 1 standard lot. It will draw extra lines in addition to Ask and Bid, to easily see if you are in profit or loss.
  • Ask Line Color.
  • Bid Line Color.
  • Line Width.
  • Profit Points Mode --> Choose between "Average" and "Total". So if you have openend more than one trade, it will show the total or average number of points of profit or loss.
  • Profit Percent Mode --> choose between "Only this pair" or "All pairs". In case you have open positions on other pairs.
  • Profit Color Positive.
  • Profit Color Negative.
  • Profit Color Zero.
  • Profit Font Size.
  • Order Line Color.
  • Order Line Style.
  • SL Line Color.
  • SL Line Style.
  • TP Line Color.
  • TP Line Style.
  • Show Spread.
  • Spread Color.
  • Spread Font Size.
  • Show Average Spread.
  • Average Spread Font Size.
  • Average Spread Color.



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Version 1.2 2018.11.22
- Bug fix: sometimes too many digits on lot size
Version 1.1 2018.11.22
- Better position of Ticket info when zooming in or out