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Pinpoint Revers

The trading Expert Advisor determines trend reversal points taking into account the market strength, volatility, overbought and oversold zones. In these zones, the EA analyzes the parameters of the found pattern while processing the nearest history of the trading instrument. The EA uses the described strategy to determine buy/sell entry points. The EA uses several order grids and lot multiplier for each grid, which makes it possible to work in a comfortable mode without overloading the deposit. The Expert Advisor has flexible settings for trade entries and exits, as well as breakeven settings.

Expert Advisor's basic settings have been tested multiple times and optimized for trading based on the dynamics and volatility of today's market.

Tips on Pinpoint Revers use

  • Lot increase allows increasing the deposit profit, but it also increases risks.
  • The EA should be attached to the chart of each trading instrument individually.
  • The minimum required deposit is 100$, on a cent account - 10000 USDC.
  • 1000$ - for an initial volume of 0.01 lots.
  • Recommended leverage is 1:500.
  • Low-spread accounts and VPS are recommended.
  • Timeframe - any.
  • Currency pair - basic settings are configured for EURUSD, can be optimized for any trading instrument.

Strategy settings

  • Entry level - trade entry level, from 1 to 99.
  • Exit level - trade exit level, from 1 to 99.
  • Step for first grid (pips 4) - the step value for the first grid of orders.
  • Step for second grid (pips 4) - the step value for the second grid of orders.
  • Step for third grid (pips 4) - the step value for the third grid of orders.
  • Lot Multiplier - lot multiplier for increasing order volumes.
  • Breakeven level (pips 4) - the breakeven level is enabled after the 12th order.

Mani Management Settings

  • Enable auto lot - enable automated lot.
  • Manual lot size for first order (Auto lot - false) - fixed lot value.
  • Index auto lot for first order (Auto lot - true) - automated lot index for the first order.
  • Max Lot - maximum allowable lot.
  • Magic for Buy order - magic number for buy orders.
  • Magic for Sell order - magic number for sell orders.
  • Max Slippage (pips 4) - maximum allowable slippage.

Dashboard Settings

  • Show Info panel in Tester - show the info panel in the strategy tester.
  • Title text color of the panel - the color of the panel header text.
  • Background color of the panel title - the color of the panel header background.
  • Color of background panel - background color.

Monitoring of the EA operation: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/ivanchornyi

Anton Vorotnikov
2018.03.05 15:16 

Работает отлично! Удобная навигационная панель, можно подобрать оптимальные настройки под свой депо, как для разгона депозита, так и для консервативной торговли. Раньше пробовал сеточные мартингейлы, в отличии от них этот советник входит в рынок обдуманно и много сделок закрываются даже без сетки.После более продолжительного теста, обновлю свой отзыв. Сейчас ставлю пять звезд. Все must have!!!

Version 1.1 - 2018.03.08
Optimized the settings.