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EA Betelgeuse is at the same time scalping and trending EA. Everything depends on the settings. In any case the EA trades in the trend direction. A buy/sell signal emerges at the intersection of the fast and slow moving averages with a certain speed. An additional signal for opening an order is the price rate of change. Only one order can be opened in each direction. Trades are closed the following ways:

  1. By stop loss, which is set automatically depending on TrailingStop settings.
  2. When a candlestick pattern indicating possible trend reversal appears.
  3. When the order reaches the maximum allowable loss value specified in the max_risk parameter.

Optimization and Testing

In the Strategy Tester, EA Betelgeuse showed best results on GBP/USD in the scalping mode. For optimization, an arbitrary history period was chosen, at which price changed both in the upward and downward direction without sharp changes on the H1 chart from 27.4.2017 to 12.5.2017. Optimization was performed on M15 of the same period. Results obtained in the Strategy Tester are shown in screenshots.

Optimization results for GBP/USD in the scalping mode: patterns_recognition_level=5; price_sensitivity=1; price_speed_level=1; MA_fast_period=5; MA_slow_period=10; MA_fast_change=10; TrailingStop=25; max_risk=7; Lots=0.01; spread_limit=30;

Results of trend following trading on EUR/USD were obtained with different settings and show the possibility of choosing from aggressive to conservative strategy.

In any case, trading terms may differ with different brokers and different pairs, make sure to test EA Betelgeuse on your account before purchasing it, because current default settings are not optimal.


The EA will work best:

  • on GBP/USD in the scalping mode
  • on pairs with 5 decimal places
  • on accounts with a low spread


All recommendations apply to 5-digit pairs.

  • time_frame - the timeframe for the EA to trade on.
  • patterns_recognition_level - (recommended from 3 to 10, the value of -1 = disable) an internal coefficient for calculating candlestick patterns indicating possible trend reversal.
  • price_sensitivity - (can be from 1 to 4) an internal coefficient. The higher the value, the less ticks are calculated when determining trend stability.
  • price_speed_level - (recommended from 1 to 10) an internal coefficient for calculating price rate of change. The higher the value, the greater the price rate of change is needed for the EA to open orders.
  • MA_fast_period - fast MA period.
  • MA_slow_period - slow MA period МА=MA_fast_period+MA_slow_period - difference between fast and slow MA periods.
  • MA_fast_change - an internal coefficient for calculating the rate of change of the fast MA. The higher the value, the greater the slope of MA. Recommended values from 1 to 30.
  • TrailingStop - TrailingStop.
  • max_risk - percent of current balance. If the loss of an open order reaches the specified value, the order is automatically closed. It is an additional deposit protection mechanism in case of sudden and unexpected price change.
  • Lots - lot size.
  • spread_limit - restriction on the amount of spread, at which trading is allowed.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I will be glad to help you.

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