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Impulse Break EA

Impulse Break EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that is using the principle of trend continuation in the direction of the impulse. The robot is using buy stop and sell stop orders, automatically manages the position, opens additional trades in case of trade continuation and trails the stops.

The current EA is not sensitive to the spread and execution, the average hold period of the trades could be measured as mid-term. The robot is using an intuitively clear strategy and there are also available pre-defined settings for the main currency pairs. The testing period over them was around 15 years. The recommended timeframe for the current EA is H1.


  • Use automated settings - use automated pre-defined settings.
  • ATR Period - period of ATR that is used for impulse detection.
  • Lot size - trading lot.
  • Impulse size - impulse size used as a condition to open a trade.
  • TP size - take profit size for orders that are not using trailing stops.
  • SL Multiplicator - stop loss multiplicator  used depending on the size of the impulse.
  • Max SL size - maximum stop loss.
  • Trailing distance - trailing stop loss distance.
  • Pips to move to BE - distance used to put stop loss to breakeven.
  • Additional pips for BE - additional pips used in breakeven movement.
  • Magic for fixed SL trades - magic number used for identification of orders with fixed stop loss.
  • Magic for trailing SL trades - magic number used for identification of orders with trailing stop loss.
  • Max bars to hold orders - maximum period of hold of impulse orders
  • Candles to measure volatility - number of bars used to measure volatility
  • Power multiplier - multiplicator of the power of movement
  • Do not trade on Fridays - restriction to trade on Friday
  • Starting hour of Friday when to stop trading - hour when to restrict trading on Friday

Viktor Shulga
2018.02.24 20:13 

Робот установлен на евро и фунте с дефолтными настройками. Пока что доволен