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The strategy is based on the study of the amplitude of the price movement inside a channel: the Expert Advisor works inside a relatively wide channel. If the price stays long within a narrow channel, it indicates the possibility of a breakout of the resistance or support level, after which the EA start operation in the trend direction.

This Expert Advisor uses TP and SL.

In addition to Stop Loss, losses are managed using the moving average: buy orders are closed above the moving average, while sell ones are closed below it.

Recommended pair: EURCHF M15.


  • Take Profit - the value of take profit;
  • Stop Loss - the value of stop loss;
  • Comment to orders - comment to orders;
  • Take Points - take profit in points;
  • Take % - take profit in percent;
  • % loss - percent of loss per one order (auto lot);
  • A few orders in the market? - allow multiple orders;
  • Multiplication - multiplier for additional orders;
  • Step between orders - step between orders;
  • MA period - moving average period;
  • Distance from MA - distance from the moving average;
  • Max Spread - maximum allowable spread;
  • Magic - order magic number.
RK99 2018.02.28 01:24 

Backtesting looks good but in live trading is not good at all, first time using ea my account suffers 30% loss. Author's live signal was changed and removed. Not recommended.