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Full Analysis

This indicator is designed to help traders find optimal market entry and exit points.

The Full Analysis indicator consists of several parts. The first part is the price channel, which allows determining the direction of the current trend and predicting rollback from channel lines.

The second part provides support and resistance levels, which are also very widely used in technical analysis. The third part contains arrows, which are based on the terminal's basic indicators, as well as a unique strategy. The arrows provide the main signals for entering the market.

The three independent parts allows the Full Analysis indicator to analyze the market from different perspectives and make informed trading decisions based on the above described data.

Indicator parameters

  • channelBarsCount - the number of candlesticks used for drawing channels
  • PeriodChannel - period for calculating fractals of channels
  • colorForTrendLine - color for the channel lines
  • ShowSupRes - show/hide support and resistance levels
  • ShowChannel - show/hide channels
  • fixChannel - fixing the channel (if true, the channel will not be redrawn during the indicator operation)
  • period - period for drawing arrows
  • EnableAlerts - enable/disable sound alerts to notify of newly appeared arrows
  • EmailAlert - enable/disable sending email messages when arrows appear
  • MobileAlert - enable/disable sending push notifications when arrows appear
johnat 2019.06.01 20:54 

Thanks for a timely support. Price channels is a good idea for to confirmation of arrow signals.

Andrew 2019.03.22 18:32 

Usefull indicator for experience trader. Helps to see some possible entry and exit points.

Don't recommend to use Buy and Sell signals. Useless. Created when price crossing the middle line of bollinger bands. Very often price reversing in this point.

natmer 2018.01.31 06:07 

Thanks, very usefull indicator