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Risk down

Risk down is a leading indicator showing the end of price impulses of any currency pair on any timeframe. The leading nature of the indicator signals and the absence of settings allow reducing the risks both when opening and closing a position.

The screenshot below shows that the indicator signals are much more efficient than the ones of conventional indicators. This is achieved thanks to the algorithm featuring the methods displayed in my article "How to reduce trader's risks".


  • The impulse completion is predicted based on the multiple-option analysis involving a set of internal modules. Each module tracks the certain signs of the current impulse dynamics weakening (in the current scale).
  • A signal (arrow) appears when the current bar of an appropriate timeframe is complete (Close price level). This prevents the arrow from "blinking" and guarantees the signal's coherence.
  • The indicator works on any currency pair and timeframe. The indicator analyzes the chart of the timeframe it is launched at.

How to use

  • Place the indicator on the chart (or several charts of selected timeframes) of an appropriate currency pair (on each chart separately).
  • Indicator signals: red arrow – predicted completion of the local upward impulse, blue arrow – predicted completion of the local downward impulse.

One or multiple arrows may appear on the chart during the indicator operation. Each arrow is a full-fledged signal since it reflects the triggering of a certain analytical module.

  • If you have an open position, you can use the leading indicator signal and close the position in a timely manner, thereby reducing the risk of losses associated with uncertain dynamics.
    • Red arrow: recommendation to close a Buy position.
    • Blue arrow: recommendation to close a Sell position.
  • If you are only planning to enter the market, you can use the indicator signal (regardless of the arrow color) recommending not to enter the market, and thereby reduce the risk of losses associated with uncertain dynamics.
    • Red or blue arrow: recommendation not to enter the market at the moment.

For a comprehensive analysis of the selected currency pair, it is necessary to set the indicator on several charts of different timeframes. The indicator signals on each chart are independent from signals on other timeframes.


The indicator does not require any settings, since it applies the universal algorithm based on advanced candle analysis, which does not depend on a currency pair and price movement scale. This is an advantage, since risks associated with subjective adjustments are excluded (such risks are inevitable when using traditional indicators).


Signals appear during strong impulses (explicit wave-like movements). The indicator allows reducing risks when using various trend strategies.

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