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Grid Gladiator

Grid Gladiator is a fully automated Expert Advisor which trades in the hours before Europe market session.

However, it implements algorithms for limiting its trading hours and you may specify the most effective trading hours based on your optimization.

The strategy of Grid Gladiator uses In-Trend Price Channel Regression, and stop loss protected grid algorithm.

Risk Control / Money Management

Grid Gladiator implements stop loss which can protect your account balance. This makes the risk limited and unable to empty your account in one failure.

Grid Gladiator features auto lot calculation. It will adjust trading lot automatically according to your account balance.


  • The EA has been optimized for EURUSD, GBPUSD, and EURGBP (ALL TF=M1).
  • ECN account with low spreads broker is REQUIRED.
  • Use ONLY five-digit accounts.
  • Fast and reliable VPS are REQUIRED.
  • It is important to backtest Grid Gladiator with the simulation coefficient of not less then 90%.

Please, do backtest with your broker's quotes before using the EA on a real account.


  • MA_long_period - The longer period of Moving average trend.
  • MA_short_period - The shorter period of Moving average trend.
  • PC_Period - Period of Price Channel.
  • ch_dist - Distance of Price Channel.
  • stopLoss - Point of SL.
  • takeProfit - Point of TP.
  • maxDD - Maximum allowed drawdown in percentage. The orders will be closed immediately while the drawdown above this level.
  • autoLotType - Select the method of auto lots size calculation (Balance or free margin).
  • depo - Deposit amount for 0.01 lot. Set 0 to use fixed lot size.
  • lotSize - Fixed lot size for initial order, only takes effect while depo = 0.
  • lotMultiplier - Multiplier of lots for the grid orders.
  • min_dist_from_last_order - Distance from the last order in point.
  • max_orders - Maximum orders for grid. Exclude the first one.
  • cool_down_bar - Cooldown bars between two orders.
  • increase_dist_orders - Number of orders to increase the minimum distance from the last order.
  • increase_dist_factor - Multiplier of increasing the minimum distance from the last order.
  • trailActive - Trailing is activated after specified pip.
  • trailDist - Trailing distance pip after trailing is activated.
  • magic - Magic number.
  • orders_TA2 - Order numbers to activate the second trailing active.
  • TA2 - Second trailing active point.
  • orders_TA3 - Order numbers to activate the third trailing active.
  • TA3 - Third trailing active point.
  • hr_trade_start - Hours to start trade (terminal time).
  • min_trade_start - Minutes to start trade (terminal time).
  • hr_trade_stop - Hours to stop trade (terminal time).
  • min_trade_stop - Minutes to stop trade (terminal time).
  • use_break_even_after_session - Enable break even while out of the trading session.
  • comment - EA comment.
  • commission_per_lot - The amount of commission per lot. The EA utilize this amount to calculate the profit points.
  • trade_mon - Enable/disable trade on Monday.
  • trade_tue - Enable/disable trade on Tuesday.
  • trade_wed - Enable/disable trade on Wednesday.
  • trade_thu - Enable/disable trade on Thursday.
  • trade_fri - Enable/disable trade on Friday.
  • useATRfilter - Enable/disable ATR filter.
  • atr_period - Period of ATR filter.
  • atr_limit - Limitation of ATR value. Trade will be suspended if the current ATR exceeds this value.
  • spreads_filter - Maximum allowed spreads in point.
fXKent 2018.07.11 09:45 

5 Star given from me to this Grid Gladiator ea !!! I had tested it and it is very safe because have stop loss to protect every trade. And it is worth while you only need small capital you already can running this ea and make profit. Please see the author's published signals, from there you can see GG Eurusd 1 growing 113% with only 15 weeks and starting capital only 300usd. Beside that, author's support also very good and he is very friendly too.. Keep carry on..Cheers...

Version 1.50 2018.04.27
Added option to select the method of auto lots size.
Added options to specify different trailing stop point by количеству ордеров.
Version 1.40 2018.04.11
Add ATR filter.
Replaced Bollinger Bands filter with ATR filter for better accuracy and performance.
Version 1.30 2018.03.23
Add Bollinger Bands filter. User can filter trades with limitation of the bands width in a specified period.
Add Spreads filter to prevent trade in bad condition.
Version 1.20 2018.03.14
Added options to enable/disable trades on a certain day.
Version 1.10 2018.03.06
Take commission into calculation of profit points.
Improve trailing stop algorithm. Faster execution and less server interaction.
Add Horizontal Line to indicate the target price for open trades.