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Auto Dynamic Flat

The indicator defines a trading range (Flat) on the chart.

The longer the price is clamped within the range, the more likely this will change.

In the trading range (flat), the "market borders" are known, and traders are able to surround this range by orders. When the range is broken, the price intensifies its movement due to the triggering of orders and the entry of new participants into the market aware of the flat coming to an end.

The range is considered formed and ready to be displayed when the first complete candle with an Open and Close prices outside the range appears.


  • Size_History - depth of calculated history.
  • min_Candles - minimum number of candles in the range.
  • Height_More_Less - if More, display the ranges having a height that exceeds the Height value. If Less, display the ranges having a height below the Height value.
  • Height - range height.
  • Color - color of range lines.
  • Style - style of range lines.
  • Width - width of range lines.
  • _Alert_ - enable/disable a notification about a formed range.
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Version 1.1 2020.06.09