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This EA is completely in accordance with the trend. In this EA, two main modules are in operation. First, opening the position into the right direction and the second, the open positions management.

When a trend starts, this EA will be aware of the beginning of that trend with the help of a customized indicator and will evaluate the strength of the trend. If the EA detects the initiation of a strong trend, it will open a position in that direction.

The rest is done by the Money Management Module. This module can divide your position for better management into two parts, and the first target will be set by your choice and you can identify whatever percentage you want to earn on the first target and put the stop at zero (BE) and keep the rest of the position risk free, to the final target.

This software can automatically adjust the positions volume or you can choose it yourself. This software can be used with various settings for short or long term trading.

Several filters are considered to prevent entry into unsafe positions.

This software has been specially written for EURUSD currency pair.

Best currency pair: EURUSD

Timeframe: H1


  • Auto lot: choose the lots automatically based on the margin. The Auto lot tries to make a balance between profit and dradown. It is shown in backtest screenshots.
  • Risk: increase or decrease the risk of each trade.
  • Fixed Lot: lot of each trade (if you want to choose the lot manually).
  • Stop Loss: stop loss of each trade.
  • Partial Close: close some part of trades for more efficiency and better Money Management (T/F).
  • Partial TP: first target, at which you want to close some part of the trade.
  • Partial Close Percent: percent of trade that you want to close on Partial TP.
  • Take Profit: main TP after the Partial TP.
  • BreakEvenonTp1: set position to breakeven on reaching the first target.
  • MA Fast Period: trend detection tool. Leave it on 6.
  • MA Slow Period: trend detection tool. Leave it on 30.
  • MA Method: trend detection tool. Leave it on EXPONENTIALl.
  • MA Applied: trend detection tool. Leave it on CLOSE PRICE.
  • MA Gap to Trade: confirmation tool for verified trades. The best entry is 8.
  • Price Gap to Trade: confirmation tool for verified trades. The best entry is 8.
  • MACD Fast: confirmation tool for verified trade. The best entry is 12.
  • MADC Slow: confirmation tool for verified trade. The best entry is 24.
  • MADC signal: confirmation tool for verified trade. The best entry is 9.
  • MADC Applied: confirmation tool for verified trade. The best entry is CLOSE PRICE.
  • MACD Signal MAX bar: confirmation tool for verified trade. The best entry is 6.
  • Time Filter: EA working time.
  • StartHour: EA start time.
  • StopHour: EA stop time.
  • MagicNumber: number that the EA needs to manage several opened positions.

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Version 1.4 - 2018.02.13
Default parameters values changed