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Powerful Breakout System

PBS is a fully automated robot trading on the previous day's High or Low breakthrough.


  • The Expert Advisor does not require a profound knowledge in trading.
  • The settings are very simple and clear.
  • The EA features a set of filters for sorting out false signals.
  • The robot trades round the clock in real time without using pending orders.
  • Each trade is accompanied by take profit and stop loss.
  • Risky methods, such as martingale, averaging, hedging, grids, etc. are not applied!
  • The EA is able to move orders to breakeven. There are also two types of trailing stop (normal and "creeping").
  • The built-in "Rule of Safe" (can be disabled) allows securing part of a profit. This means that the robot simultaneously opens two orders with different take profits. When the price moves in favorable direction, the half of the profit is secured, while the second half already has zero risk.
  • With due skill and understanding of the market, this EA can be used as a basis of new strategies.


  • S‌tart Lot - trading volume.
  • Auto Lot - auto increase of a trade volume (True/False).
  • Increase Lot by 0.01 every: - increase a trade volume by 0.01 lot every <account value>.
  • Take Profit - take profit in points when opening a trade.
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in points when opening a trade.
  • Type of Trailing - trailing switcher: OFF - disabled, Standard - standard trailing starting with moving an order to a breakeven and following the price, Creeping - stop loss follows the price immediately depending on the Trailing and Trailing Step options.
  • First Trail (Breakeven) - number of points the price is to move for moving a trade to breakeven.
  • Trailing - move the stop loss level after the price at the specified distance in points.
  • Trailing Step - step for moving the stop loss level.
  • Rule of Safe (True/False).
  • Min Bar Size - minimum daily candle height from High to Low in points to open a trade.
  • Min Close Distance - distance in points from a candle close price to High/Low.
  • Breakout points - number of points the price should pass from the High/Low of the previous day before a buy/sell order is opened. It can be either positive or negative. "0" means that an order will be opened exactly at the High/Low level of the previous day. "10" - the price should pass 10 more points after breaking. "-10" - the order will be opened sooner, 10 points before the price breaks the High/Low.
  • Reverse Buy and Sell - reverse the Buy and Sell orders.
  • Draw objects? - arrow on the chart, which indicates when and where the order was opened (True/False).
  • Magic Number - unique identifier of the EA.

Note: The default settings are optimized for EURUSD. Settings for other currency pairs are to be added in the Comments tab. If you have any questions, ask them in private messages. I will be glad to help!

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