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SmartBot SBER

SmartBot SBER is a self-optimizing trading robot having a small number of inputs. The robot is designed for trading SBER (Sberbank of Russia) stocks on MOEX.

SmartBot follows the reverse system and features no stop loss and take profit. The robot uses a stochastic indicator with a self-optimization algorithm to determine a trade direction.

Instructions and recommendations

SmartBot should be running on an H2 chart. The robot performs all calculations when a new candle forms. Therefore, the robot should be enabled before each new candle forms. The virtual MetaTrader server is the best option as you can be sure you haven not missed a single candle. Besides, you do not need to keep your PC on permanently.


  • Volume – fixed volume to be used by the robot if dynamic volume is disabled. Recommended minimum volume is two stocks since the robot fixes a part of profit closing a half of a trade.
  • Dynamic Volume – enable/disable dynamic volume. If enabled, the system calculates the optimal trading volume on its own considering the maximum drawdown. While the balance grows, a traded volume is automatically increased, otherwise - decreased.
  • % of balance to use – % of the account balance to be used in trading if dynamic volume is enabled.

If you have questions about how to enable, operate or configure the robot, then ask them in the Comments tab.

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Version 1.5 2018.07.10
- Slightly improved self-optimization
Version 1.4 2018.05.03
- Minor changes aimed at improving self-optimization.
Version 1.3 2018.03.28
- Added new filters aimed at decreasing the number of trades and improving accuracy.
- Fixing profit by closing a half of a trade is now performed significantly later, thus improving the profitability.
- Fixed and improved the dynamic volume calculation.
Version 1.2 2018.02.02
SmartBot SBER ver. 1.2
- Fixed bugs
- Increased the speed of the optimization algorithm
Version 1.1 2018.01.10
SmartBot SBER ver. 1.1

- Trade entry algorithm has been improved, so the EA now shows a more accurate operation while performing less trades.