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Feature list

  • Drawdown and loss control service for this terminal or other EAs

Maximal loss and drawdown control, if one of these values is reached, all orders will be closed (only terminal orders) and it is impossible to open new orders with the terminal. The value is zero by default. That means that the control service is not active. If you read just this value, it immediately begins to work.

  • Risk and money management with calculator

Integrated risk and money management calculation with optional direct connection to the order configuration. The relative or absolute risk, risk ratio and volume are used to calculate the stop loss and take profit differences. Alternatively, the stop loss difference can be used as input value and the necessary volume will be calculated. It is possible to visualize all values directly at the chart.

  • Comfortable order configuration with one click and order lines

With the order lines, you can adjust your order in an easy and fast way, and the risk and money management for the order configuration give you a permanent overview about your relative and absolute risks, necessary margin and the risk ratio. You can see the maximum that your profit or loss can be before you open an order. These order lines are easily movable directly at the chart and the values are imported to the order management.

  • Opportunity to manage stop loss and take profit locally on your computer

You can choose at the terminal start whether you want to manage the stop loss and take profit values locally (managed by the terminal) or server based (normal OrderModify) to the brokers server. If you use the local limits, your broker will not know about your take profit and stop loss values. So, the terminal is an ultimate weapon against stop loss fishing which is practiced by many suspicious brokers. Additionally, you can use smaller stop loss values than the minimum stop loss values of some brokers. Locally managed stop loss and take profits can be converted to server limits while running the terminal. The same function will be executed automatically after closing the trade terminal. So, an order with a stop loss or take profit will never be without stop loss or take profit limits. All local limits are listed in a table next to the terminal.

  • Trendline trading with free movable trigger lines (breakout or channel trading)

Trading with smart lines. Each line has an adjustable stop loss and take profit lines which can use time limited or unlimited. The angles of all lines can be chosen freely. The type to trigger a breakout, stop loss and take profit can be selected, the options are 1st tick or 1st bar close over or under a trigger line, depending on the line type. Stop loss and take profit lines can be used as dynamic order limits or as initial stop loss and take profit values for an order. For breakout or channel trading.

  • Five different trailing modes (analog absolute, analog relative, digital absolute, digital relative, breakeven)
  • Virtual pending orders
  • Expert Advisor collection
  • Fast order modifying
  • Market information overview
  • User-friendly graphical user interface, customizable in size and font
  • Comfort visualization for trades and trailing stops
  • Close all orders with one click
  • Statistics about you trades


  • Order management - Comfort visualisation - turn ON ord OFF the comfort visualization
  • Order management - Locally managed stop loss and take profits - says the Terminal if it should manage the stop loss and take profit values locally on your MetaTrader
  • Order management - Max slippage for buy and sell orders - maximal slippage for an OrderSend operation
  • Control - What should be controlled? - choose between the terminal trading actions, symbol or whole MetaTrader
  • Control - Maximal drawdown absolute (0.0 = function disabled) - max. allowed absolute drawdown
  • Control - Maximal drawdown relative (0.0 = function disabled) - max. allowed relative drawdown
  • Control - Maximal loss absolute (0.0 = function disabled) - max. allowed absolute loss
  • Control - Maximal loss relative (0.0 = function disabled) - max. allowed relative loss
  • GUI - Panel (OFF for virtual hosting) - turn ON or OFF the user interface
  • GUI - Size - size of the user interface
  • GUI - Font size - size of the font

A manual is available, ask me if you need it!

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