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MACD MultyCurrency

This version of the popular MACD indicator allows us to trade the list of currencies from a single EA.


  • MagicNumber - any number for identifying positions
  • TradingCurrencies - list of semicolon-separated trading symbols, for example "GBPUSD;EURUSD;"
  • Trading Lot size - lot size to use
  • Money Manager - enable/disable lot auto selection. If 'true', Account Balance * Risk Percent/10 000 equation is used
  • Risk Percent - risk % for the lot calculation equation
  • TakeProfit
  • StopLoss
  • BreakEvenTrigger - if an order is in profit by BreakEvenTrigger points, the EA moves stop loss by an order open price + BreakEvenLock points
  • BreakEvenLock
  • TrailingStart - if an order is in profit by TrailingStart points, the EA moves a stop loss by one point at each subsequent profitable point
  • Slippage
  • MaxAvailableSpread - spread management. If a spread exceeds MaxAvailableSpread, no trading is performed
  • EA_Comment - order comment
  • Ballance protection - if the current balance decreases by the specified % value, trading is disabled
  • Fast EMA period - fast MA period
  • Slow EMA period - slow MA period
  • Signal line period - signal line period


The info panel on the chart displays the following data:

  • Generated Magic - MagicNumber
  • LotSize - lot size
  • Traiding Currencies - list of pairs for trading
  • BreakEvenTrigger
  • BreakEvenLock
  • TrailingStop
  • Take Profit
  • Stop Loss
  • Account Type - real or demo account
  • Equity - current equity
  • Broker - broker name
  • Spread - current spread

How to trade

Set the list of currencies and other parameters or leave them by default and launch the EA on the chart.

Nabil Barakat
2018.02.25 18:58   


I'm running your eXpert

And very very wonderful

Successful deals

I have a question

Are you closing the deal and making do with a simple profit

Or I wait until reaching the target 1000 points

Wait for answer