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ID9 Lite Values of trendlines and bars

This product defines and displays the values of up to six necessary trend lines in Data Window and its own table on the chart. If necessary, the same marks can be displayed in the table. These marks are enlarged or scaled-down by indents set in points.

The indicator allows you to use Data Window to quickly view the values of the necessary trend lines along their entire length anywhere on the chart where bars or candles are present.

In its own table, the product displays only two marks of the specified trend lines corresponding by default to the zero and first bars (candles) on the chart and, additionally, to High and Low values of the first three bars (regardless of the trend lines).

However, the indicator properties allow you to configure the display of the older lines and/or bars in the table. Besides, it is possible to disable trend lines or bar marks if necessary.


The product is easy to use. It allows you to configure the display of marks in various ways.

Copy (or remember) the name of a necessary trend line on the chart in its settings and set it in the analyzer's parameters in order to let the indicator know what lines and table columns it should use to display the data.

Before purchasing, you can check how the analyzer works by trying its free version under real conditions: "ID5 Demo Values of trendlines and bars".


  1. The default indicator colors are intended for a light background. However, you can easily change them in the analyzer's parameters.
  2. The product displays the values of a trend line only if its ray is directed to the right (=>).
  3. The analyzer's values are updated when one of the following events occurs:
    • ticks arrive or a new bar appears;
    • the indicator is applied to a chart;
    • trend line name is specified or edited in the settings.
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