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Breakout Sessions

The Breakout sessions indicator is designed to work in Tokyo, London, and New York sessions. These sessions are designed to make breakout. This breakout is calculated according to the previous day.

Automatically adjusts breakout boxes. With this indicator, you can select a session you want. You can adjust the time difference. You can see the trading entry points on the graphics screen, adjust the stoploss level and get profit levels. In the lower section, the process entry points are shown in detail.


Sessions - 1 = Tokyo, 2 = London, 3 = New York. is the session number that you want to process.
Sessions_number - You must type the number of the session you want to use here.
GMT_Offset- Used to adjust the time difference.
Margin - This sets the minimum distance between two boxes. Calculations based on Pips.
 TP1 - Get the snow Level 1 setting.
TP2 - Get the snow Level 2 setting.
TP3 - Get Snow Level 3 setting
SL - Stoploss level setting.
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