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EA4U Pro

EA4U Pro is a fully automated trading robot. It is working based on a smart indicator which is designed for indicating high and low price rule on market. GPB/USD is the first pair which was optimized and real account monitoring, other pairs will perform in the next version. More detail about these options as below:

Advanced features:

  • Symbols that can be traded: GPB/USD is recommended for Version 1.x
  • Trades with any spread.
  • Trades with any slippage.
  • Trades with any time and news.
  • Trades with high takeprofit points for every orders (Auto setting mode).
  • Does not use any high risk trading methods such as hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitration, etc.
  • The EA can work with low initial deposit.

You do not need any knowledge, the configuration is very easy. Certainly, You can also do optimization for yourself and obtain a better result.


Time Frame: H1, Pair: GBP/USD

  • Operation Mode: choose the way for your trade, recommended : Auto setting for GBPUSD
  • Stop loss for orders: apply for manual mode
  • Trade comment: your trade comment
  • Max slippage to active orders.
  • Max spread.
  • Auto lots (true/false): When true, auto calculate lots on margin account.
  • Min lots: when Auto lots calculated.
  • Risk percent: when to enable auto lots.
  • Fix Lots: when Auto lots is false, this lots is used for orders.
  • Trailing start (point): apply for manual mode
  • Trailing step (point): apply for manual mode
  • Indicator range: bars range for using indicator.

Note: "Auto setting mode" was designed and optimized for increasing backtest winrate with high takeprofit points, so EA only trades about 02 - 04 orders/month. Please check the EA results every months not everydays, thank you.

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