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Turning Point

The Turning Point Expert Advisor finds the reversal candlestick patterns, and places a pending order at the border of the reversal pattern in case an indicator signal is present.

Each order has a specified level of take-profit and is protected by stop loss.

For maximum results, it is desirable (but not necessary) to use ECN accounts with a tight spread and fast order execution, fast VPS.


  • Suitable for any currency pairs.
  • Protection against spread expansion when placing an order.
  • Trailing stop.
  • Split system - closing a profitable order in parts.
  • Money Management system with full risk control.
  • Minimum drawdown.
  • Does not use high-risk strategies, such as martingale, grid, hedging, etc.
  • Minimum deposit - $50.

Input parameters

  • MagicId - unique number of the EA.
  • RangePeriod - timeframe to search for reversal patterns.
  • Start Time, End Time - time interval to place orders.
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowable spread for placing orders.
  • MaxLot - maximum lot size of one order.
  • RangeMin, RangeMax - minimum and maximum size of a pattern in pips.
  • Stoch: K, D, S, M, HLvl, LLvl - settings of the Stochastic Oscillator (K period, D period, Slowing, MA Method, High level, Low level);
  • CountATR - the number of candles to determine the minimum value of the ATR indicator.
  • CountPanding - the maximum number of candles to activate the pending order.
  • PinFactor - the maximum allowable ration of pin bar wick to its body, in percents.
  • BodyFactor - the maximum allowable ratio of a pin bar body size to its length, in percents.
  • CaptureFactorMin, CaptureFactorMax - the maximum and minimum allowable ratio of reversal candle wick to the length of the previous candle, in percents.
  • LotType - lot selection mode:
    • LotManual - order lot is equal to MainLot.
    • LotRisk - lot is calculated based on the risk level of FactorRisk.
    • LotAuto - lot depends on the account equity and FactorAuto.
  • MainLot - order lot value (for the LotManual mode).
  • FactorRisk - maximum allowable loss per order, % of AccountEquity (works in the LotRisk mode).
  • FactorAuto - AccountEquity per MainLot (works in the LotAuto mode).
  • Unit - measurement units of the order level values (pips, %).
  • Takeprofit - take profit, in units.
  • Stoploss - stop loss, in units.
  • Trailing - enable (true) or disable (false) the trailing stop function.
  • TrailStart - the number of units from the order open price to activate trailing stop.
  • TrailStop - the maximum number of units from the price to the stop loss level in trailing stop.
  • Split - enable (true) or disable (false) the split mode - partial closure of orders in the amount of SplitLot every SplitStep units.
  • SplitStart - the number of units from the order open price to activate the split mode.
  • SplitStep - step of the split mode.
  • SplitLot - percentage of the remaining order volume closed at each step.
  • ShiftUp, ShiftDn - shift order placing price relative to the reversal level for BuyStop and SellStop orders, respectively, in pips.
  • ShowInfo - show (true) or hide (false) the information panel (it is advisable to disable the panel during optimization).
  • InfoFontColor, InfoFontSize - color and size of the text shown on the info panel.
  • ShowRange - enable (true) or disable (false) the visual display of the Fibonacci levels when opening orders (it is advisable to disable during optimization).
  • RangeColor - color of the Fibonacci levels.

The default settings are for GBPUSD H1.

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