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Jupiter FX Free

This Expert Advisor is a free version of the Jupiter FX EA, but with certain restrictions on trading. It can only trade the AUDCAD pair.

Strategy Description

The EA does not use martingale or averaging. It opens more orders with a fixed lot at a certain interval in points, if there is an entry signal and the summary position does not disrupt the total balance of orders. If there are orders with a loss, the robot tries to close the losing position by a group of profitable positions opened before.

Recommended timeframe: М5-Н1.

Any broker can be used.


  • CalcPeriod - operation interval.
  • Period_MA - period of Moving Average.
  • StepPoint - the minimum step between orders.
  • Lots - if specified, the lot is fixed.
  • Risk - if the lot is 0, it is calculated as a percentage of the deposit.
  • MagicNum - magic number.
  • Num_ord - the maximum number of orders to be opened every time the EA is triggered.
  • MA_Step - step of Moving Average.
  • Mult_prof - multiplier for take profit.
asaens15 2018.09.02 01:40 

Great if you're a broker ... terrible if you're a retail trader

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.10 15:25 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 1.4 2018.02.08
- Changed the function for calculating the profit of all positions.