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Highball EA

This is a very complex Expert Advisor based on several indicators and multiple relations between them.

That is a rare thing in Forex market. Let's explain it in several lines:

  • Full Automated Expert Advisor
  • Semi-Scalper ROBOT
  • Up To Date Every Markets Condition
  • Best Money Management Safe
  • Stealth Mode
  • 24 Hours 5 Days Markets
  • Medium Stop Loss
  • Compatible With 4 And 5 Digits Brokers
  • NFA Compliance
  • Based On Several Indicators, Several Relations Between Them And Sevaral strategies Inside EA 
  • Each Pair Has Its Own Built-in Setting Inside EA And Much More Andvantages
  • At least one trade per day

Set it & Forget!

And one thing is the setting is very simple and user-friendly. The only thing is to shop this EA and run it whether with fixed lot or with risk lot or with aggressive true or not.

Let's have a little say about this EA rules:
  • for EURUSD, it works only on M5 Period
  • for GPBUSD, it works only on M15
  • for EURCHF, it works only on M15
  • for EURGBP, it works only on M5

I did backtests on three pairs with 30% risk, and EA could take account balance to several million $.


  • highball_GMT_OFFSET - this is GMT offset; it is only used for getting backtests adjust this setting to difference between your broker time and GMT time. Of course, it is used only for backtests.
  • Highball_Risk - risk of opening an order can be increased.
  • AGGRESSIVE - if this option is true, the EA will open more orders, but if it is false, lower and more conservative orders are opened.
  • Fixed_Lot - this option is used for static lot; if this lot is true, EA only looks at this Fixed_Lot.

Parameters for Optimization

I put all of important parameters, so that you are able to optimize your EA and find best setting for your account because difference between candles shape causes many different results.

  • Use_GpbUsd_builtin_setting = true
  • Use_EurUsd_builtin_setting = true
  • Use_EurChf_builtin_setting = true
  • Use_EurGbp_builtin_setting = true

This option is only used when you have a setting and want a built-in setting not to be used in the EA. You can deactivate that easily by switching it to false.

  • strategy1 = 0
  • strategy2 = 0
  • strategy3 = 0
  • strategy4 = 0
  • strategy5 = 0
  • strategy6 = 0
  • strategy7 = 0
  • filter1 = 10
  • filter2 = 50
  • filter3 = 200
  • filter4 = 20
  • SL1 = 0
  • ind_period1 = 6
  • ind_period2 = 20
  • ind_period3 = 8
  • ind_period4 = 168
  • ind_period5 = 275
  • sell_filter1 = 70.0
  • buy_filter1 = 30.0
  • sell_hour_start = 21
  • sell_hour_end = 1
  • buy_hour_start = 21
  • buy_hour_end = 4
  • tf1=3
  • tf2=3
  • high_low_per = 7

These parameters are only for optimization purposes. One thing I forgot to say is this EA has 7 built-in strategies that can be easily switched on or off and several types of SL's or TP's.

If you want to start optimization, follow this address: http://www.mediafire.com/view/rxo4do2zwbcacef/highball%20ea.set and download a tpl file, and before start of optimization, load it over EA that will arrange all parameters in the correct order, so you can easily start optimization without any problem.

And one suggestion I have about optimization is that the best optimization period is for the last six months.

I promise that I'll answer all private messages concerning the Expert Advisor's operation as soon as possible. I'm interested in a long-term partnership, so just wait for an answer and you will surely receive it.

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