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The SupportResistance indicator shows the support and resistance levels. This indicator is necessary for any trader regardless of the strategy used.

Advantages of this indicator

  • The indicator is displayed on the price chart.
  • Depending on the trading direction, the indicator shows the position entry/exit points.
  • The indicator works on any timeframe from M1 to MN.
  • The indicator works with any symbol.

Options of the indicator application

  1. Trade the price rebounds from the support or resistance levels.
  2. Trade level breakouts.
  3. Use it in your trading strategy as an auxiliary indicator for determining the entry/exit points, take profit and stop loss.
didihays 2018.03.26 04:42 

I love it! Just what I need to remind me of previous S/R levels and directions. Would love to have a pip tracker that tells me how many pips between each level. Great colors and glad to be able to size the indicator to my liking. Good job!