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This is a medium-term Expert advisor for Forex. It can work both on a single and many major currency pairs, stocks or cryptocurrencies.

Recommended timeframe is H1. The Shapes EA does not require configuration or optimization.

You can set the risk optimal for you, and enable only buying or only selling, if necessary. The Shapes EA will everything else for you.

The EA makes decisions to buy or sell only at the opening of a new candle, thus saving the PC or VPS resources. It does not use up a lot of traffic and does not load the CPU, it uses resources reasonably.

For any questions, contact me in the Comments or private messages.

Good luck to you and your trading.


Money Management - money management and acceptable risks

  • MM method - money management method
  • FixLot - fixed lot (Lot Size value is used).
  • Standard - use non-linear lot size management: the higher the balance growth, the lower the risks.
  • Extreme - linear lot size increase when the balance is increased.
  • Lot Size - initial lot for your balance
  • Balance - initial balance for lot calculation
  • Stop Loss - stop loss*
  • Take Profit - take profit*
  • Trade Buy - enable/disable buying
  • Trade Sell - enable/disable selling
  • Max Trades - the maximum number of buys or sells simultaneously

Terminal Settings - terminal and interaction with the trade server

  • Max Spread - maximum acceptable spread*
  • Slippage - maximum acceptable price slippage*
  • Magic Number - EA's order ID
  • Order Comment - order comment
  • Buy Color - buy label color
  • Sell Color - sell label color
  • Close Color - position closing label color
  • Stop Color - stop loss label color

*Specify values for four-digit quotes. The EA will recalculate them for five-digit quotes automatically.

MaPi7475 Pittner
2018.01.03 21:29 

Echt Top☆☆☆☆☆ und der Entwickler ist super freundlich, einfach klasse.