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Volume by Price Pro MT5

The Volume by Price Pro indicator shows the total amount of volume for user-specifiable price zones, i.e., price-volume levels, as a horizontal histogram. The Volume Profile can optionally be shown as a line graph. The Market Profile (TPO) shows the amount of price activity for volume-price levels by specified time periods and identifiers.The Volume by Price indicator is seen as essential tool for technical analysis which can be used to identify approximate areas of low and high volume. A wide variety of profiles can be made to identify these areas which can be interpreted as levels of support and resistance. This indicator provides detailed views on valuable volume price relations.

Main features

  • Powerful technical indicator to estimate levels of support and resistance
  • Easily import real volume and open interest data
  • Aggregrate future contracts data -by highest trade activity
  • Volume profiles and Time Price Opportunity Market profiles
  • Synthesize data by method of time and time price
  • Practical insight into trading activity per price zone with tick volume
  • Analytical perspectives on value of trading volume per price zone with real volume
  • Identify price reversals and movements
  • Volume profile pairing
  • Highly customizable profiles. Wide variety volume and market profiles per dataset
  • Selected or all available time frames. Multi-timeframe
  • Unlimited amount of profiles. Multiple profiles on the same chart
  • Versatile graphical and analytical drawing functions
  • Highlight Value Areas High/Low (VAH/VAL) and High/Low Volume Nodes (HVN/LVN) with adjustable algorithm
  • Identify multiple Volume Points of Control (VPOC)
  • Control keys to toggle display of selection tools and profiles
  • Graphical accuracy. Display price zone details.
  • Notifications by mobile app, email, sound alert. Match VPOC, VAL and VAH proximity
  • Create volumes profiles using Drag & Drop with mouse. Both price- and time range together, and separately
  • Detailed user manual with examples


  • Volume Profile - Histogram
  • Volume Profile - Line Graph
  • Market Profile - Letter-Based

  • Data Time Range - total time range of price-volume dataset
    • All Data
    • Drag & Drop Select
    • Visible Chart Window Time Range
    • Specified Start to Specified End

  • Data Price Range - total price range of price-volume dataset
    • All Data
    • Drag & Drop Select
    • Visible Chart Window Price Range
    • Specified Start to Specified End

  • Data Volume, Time Frame - data of time frame(s) used for price-volume dataset
    • Chart Time Frame
    • All Available Time Frames
    • M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1

  • Data Price Zone - method to set price zone size
    • Price Range per Zone
    • Pixels per Zone
    • Amount of Zones by Chart Scale
    • Amount of Zones per Chart

  • Draw Highlight VPOC - volume point of control
  • Draw Highlight VAL/VAH - value areas high and low
  • Draw Highlight VAL/VAH Bounds
  • Draw Highlight HVN's and LVN's - high and low volume nodes

  • Draw Highlight Volume Positive/Negative
    • Single
    • Divide
    • Divide, Largest on top
    • Subtract

  • Notification - point of control, value area high and low proximity, in points or zones
    • Email
    • App Push
    • Popup Alert
    • Sound Alert
    • Global Variable

  • Volume
    • Tick Volume
    • Real Volume
    • Custom Volume

  • Data Volume Custom, Synthesize - synthesize data for specified time frame(s)
    • Time and Price
    • Price

  •  Data Volume Custom, Aggregrate - aggregrate series method
    • By Highest Trade Activity

For a list of all features, full parameter specifications, examples and more details about the indicator please refer to the user manual.


1. ^ "Volume by Price" VBP formula is also known as "Volume at Price", VAP, "Volume on Price", VOP, "Volume per Price", VPP, "Price by Volume", PBV, "Price at Volume", PAV, "Price on Volume", POV, and "Price per Volume", PPV
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Version 3.36 2019.04.21
feature upgrade
Version 3.33 2019.04.20
performance improvements
Version 3.32 2019.04.20
several improvements
reset parameter default values
Version 3.31 2019.04.20
feature upgrade
Version 3.29 2019.04.19
feature upgrade
Version 3.28 2019.04.18
various feature updates
Version 3.27 2019.04.17
extended drawing functions
Version 3.26 2019.04.17
performance improvements
Version 3.25 2019.04.16
performance improvements
Version 3.24 2019.04.16
several improvements
Version 3.23 2019.04.16
various feature updates
Version 3.22 2019.04.15
performance improvements
Version 3.21 2019.04.15
feature upgrade
Version 3.17 2019.04.14
several improvements
Version 3.16 2019.04.14
various feature updates
reset parameter default values
Version 3.15 2019.04.13
several improvements
Version 3.13 2019.04.13
performance improvements
Version 3.11 2019.04.12
feature upgrade
various feature updates
Version 3.7 2019.04.10
several improvements
Version 3.5 2019.04.08
various feature upgrades
Version 3.1 2019.04.05
changed various parameter defaults
Version 3.0 2019.04.05
various feature upgrades
performance improvements
Version 2.49 2019.04.04
various feature updates
Version 2.44 2019.04.03
feature upgrade
Version 2.41 2019.04.03
feature upgrade
Version 2.39 2019.04.01
feature upgrade
Version 2.37 2019.04.01
several improvements
Version 2.36 2019.04.01
various feature updates
Version 2.34 2019.03.30
several improvements
Version 2.33 2019.03.29
various feature updates
Version 2.32 2019.03.28
several improvements
Version 2.31 2019.03.26
feature upgrade
Version 2.30 2019.03.26
several improvements
Version 2.26 2019.03.22
various feature upgrades
Version 2.24 2019.03.20
extended data functions
Version 2.22 2019.03.20
extended drawing functions
Version 2.21 2019.03.19
performance improvements
Version 2.20 2019.03.19
various feature upgrades
Version 2.18 2019.03.18
changed parameter 'Buffer Limit' default to max
Version 2.17 2019.03.18
several improvements
Version 2.16 2019.03.18
several improvements
Version 2.15 2019.03.17
various feature upgrades
Version 2.2 2019.02.26
extended drawing functions
Version 2.1 2019.02.24
added input parameter "Draw Height Subtract"
added input parameter "Draw Anchor, Time"
Version 2.0 2019.02.22
performance improvements
extended drawing functions
Version 1.9 2019.02.22
performance improvements
extended drawing functions
added input parameter "Border Merge"
Version 1.7 2019.02.20
added new feature "Snap Time"
added new feature "Multi View"
Version 1.5 2019.02.18
improvements strategy tester
various feature updates
Version 1.3 2019.02.15
stability and performance improvements
fixed issue strategy tester
Version 1.2 2019.02.12
updated description and link properties
Version 1.1 2019.02.11
stability and performance improvements
fixed issue initial drawing