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Silk MT5

Silk MT5 Expert Advisor designed to trade with the fast movement of price. If price makes a specifically required fast movement EA will pass pending orders (BuyStop, SellStop) at some distance in pips and this distance can be tuned. If price failed to fill orders then all pending orders have auto expiry system in minutes. Every order is protected with SL/TP and EA use trailing if any opened order can not hit TP.

  • No Martingale.
  • No Grid.
  • No-Arbitrage.
  • No any other risky strategy inside.


  • Spread around one pip
  • Use VPS


  • Maximum Spread - spread limit for orders.
  • Lots - for the fixed lot.
  • Orders Type - for selection of long, short or both.
  • Auto Lot% - Auto Money Management.
  • Take Profit - in pips.
  • Stop Loss - in pips.
  • Time Frame - H4 is recommended.
  • UseTrailing - if false it's disabled.
  • TrailingType - dynamic or hard.
  • Pending Order Distance - Pending Order Distance from Price in Pips
  • MagicNo - unique ID of EA trades.
  • Trade Start Time - HH:MM Daily Broker Time.
  • Trade Stop Time - HH:MM Daily Broker Time.
  • Show Chart Info - if true will show trading info on the chart.
  • Text Color - chart info display color.
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Version 4.7 2017.12.25
i. Updated entry rule.
ii. Added pending order distance in pips (Distance between pending order and price)
Version 4.6 2017.11.21
Updated Entry rule