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The Expert Advisor detects the beginning of a new trend and starts working. In case of an error, it applies averaging. Losses are managed using the moving average: buy orders are closed above the moving average, while sell ones are closed below it.

Main currency pairs and timeframes M15-30 are recommended.

Main optimization parameters are 'Points from MA' and 'Step between orders'.


  • Percentage of risk - risk % for calculating a lot size for the first lot;
  • If Risk = 0, the lot will be - if 'Percentage of risk' is 0, the lot is equal to the specified value;
  • Take profit in points - close all orders in case of a specified total profit in points on one pair
  • Points from MA - distance from the moving average;
  • Step between orders - minimum distance in points between averaging orders;
  • Profit in percent - close all orders on a pair when reaching the specified profit in %;
  • Stop Loss - stop loss in points;
  • Take Profit - take profit in points;
  • Period of RSI - RSI period;
  • Close by MA? - close orders when the price crosses the moving average;
  • Period of MA - moving average period;
  • Max Spread - maximum allowable spread;
  • Comment to orders - open orders comments;
  • Magic - magic number.
Anil Kamani
Anil Kamani 2018.01.25 14:58 

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