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Trend signal indicator without indicators, consisting of 2 strategies.

It can be used not for the intended purpose, it is convenient as a guide for drawing levels and channels.
  1. Signal, arrows.
  2. Trend, the line above and below the price.

Buy Setup

  • A trend line is present below, and there is a signal notifying about the appearance of a Buy arrow.

Sell Setup

  • A trend line is present above, and there is a signal notifying about the appearance of a Sell arrow.


  • Start Hour - hour to start the indicator.
  • Start Min - minute to start the indicator.
  • End Hour - hour to stop the indicator.
  • End Min - minute to stop the indicator.
  • Send email - send messages to email.
  • Alerts - sound notifications.
  • Push Notifications - send push notifications.

Additional Information

This is a trend indicator, its values are directly related to the price action. Therefore, it can change its values in the process of work.

You can evaluate all features of the indicator in the visual mode in the Strategy Tester. The values obtained in the Strategy Tester are the same as the valuers obtained in real time.

If you find this indicator unsuitable due to the quality of the signal arrows, it may be useful as a tool for finding peaks, for drawing channels and levels.

Tim Eubanks
2018.03.15 16:20 

The signal are terrible on the 4hr, it's schizophrenic.

2018.03.12 13:45 

Too many noise signal. If it could be improved to smooth. it will be good.