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Crypto Arbitrage Server

This EA is a part of 2 EA toolkit (Server and Client) optimized to exploit arbitrage opportunities on crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin and basically all there is. It can be used to trade Forex pairs, Indices and CFDs as well but on crypto currencies you won't have any problems with brokers and opportunities are huge. There's no central authority and different brokers are linked to different exchanges. On Bitcoin, for example, different exchanges (and therefore brokers) could have price differences as big as 80-100 dollars lasting from a few seconds or minutes to a few hours.

I made both of the experts as simple as I could. Simply launch the Crypto Arbitrage Server on any MetaTrader 4 (one instance per instrument), indicate channel name of your choice and the Crypto Arbitrage Client will communicate with it from any other MetaTrader 4 on the same machine. You don't need to enable DLLs or use additional software.

In order to maximize your returns, you shall do your own diligence when choosing a broker: the faster price gap between 2 brokers closes (compared to average price movement speed) the better.


  • Communication Channel Name Between Client & Server: bitcoin.
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