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De La Trend

Trend indicator with statistics on the success of its signals. It has a panel that outputs the indicator signals from all timeframes. It has the function of sending all types of notifications and the ability to send notifications for the signals on a group of timeframes, so that the alert appears only when the same signal is received on all the selected timeframes. Suitable for any instruments and timeframes. It is used mainly for filtering, and it also helps in trading in the direction of the trend.

Features of the program

Analytical block:

  • Calculate Trades - the total number of calculated signals.
  • Best Signal - the most profitable signal among the calculated ones.
  • Minimal Move - calculation of the minimal movements based on the statistics on the latest indicator signals, serves as a guide for setting Take profit.
  • Profitable Sell - percentage of profitable sell trades from the calculated signals.
  • Profitable Buy - percentage of profitable buy trades from the calculated signals.
  • Positive Rate - the total percentage of profitable signals.

Timeframes block:

  • The current signal for all timeframes of the selected instrument.
  • Additional alert menu, which allows selecting the notification when a signal appears on any timeframe or when the same signal appears on a group of timeframes.

Sending notifications:

  • Pop-up alerts.
  • Messages to email.
  • Notifications to a mobile device.

Alerts can be sent both when a signal appears on one timeframe, and when the same signal appears on multiple timeframes. The timeframes for alerts are selected using the button in the bottom left corner.

  • Does not redraw.
  • Various options for drawing elements.
  • Suitable for integration in custom Expert Advisors.

Input parameters

  • DrawFatLines - enable/disable drawing the thick lines of the indicator.
  • BackGroundLines - enable/disable drawing the indicator lines and objects in the background of the chart.
  • SendAllert - enable/disable sending pop-up alerts.
  • SendMessage - enable/disable sending email messages.
  • CalculateBars - the number of bars for the indicator calculations.

How to trade with De La Trend

  1. From the commonly used instruments, select the one with the currently higher value of Positive Rate.
  2. According to the selected timeframe, set notifications on signals in one direction for multiple timeframes. To filter the best entry point, it is desirable to for a signal from a lower timeframe to be present.
  3. Exit trades when the profit reaches the Minimal Move value, or if there are exit signals from smaller timeframes, or if other factors confirming the exit are found.
Roy W
2017.11.01 09:39 

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