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OptimizedAO Trend XAUUSD

What is OptimizedAO indicator?

OptimizedAO is a powerful indicator for trading short-term binary options that derived from Awesome Oscillator to calculate the momentum of trend.

Sell signal is formed when the value is increasing. Similarly, buy signal is formed when the value is diminishing.

It is separated from OptimizedAO trading system and you can get the backtest results from pictures below.

(You send me a message to get OptimizedAO trading system for free after buying this indicator.)

Backtest results of OptimizedAO trading system:

2011.01-2017.09 XAUUSD H1 Initial Deposit=10 000 USD

Max Equity Drawdown=14.36%, Total Trades=1591

Sharpe Ratio=0.09, Recovery Factor=5.32

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