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Professional Histogram

Professional Histogram (PH) is a highly efficient and reliable tool for trading Forex, CFDs and binary options.

PH is easy to use and configure both for beginners and experienced traders.

Unlike most indicators, Professional Histogram finds longer trends and gives fewer false signals.

When a buy or a sell signal appears, an alert is triggered allowing you to open a position in a timely manner and avoid sitting at your PC all the time.

Trading tips

Open a position when the histogram changes its color. See the sample trades on the screenshot 1.
The indicator is best suited for trading on M15-H4.


  • Suitable for scalping and long-term trading.
  • Sending signals to email and mobile devices.
  • Easy to use and configure.
  • It can be used both as an independent tool and in conjunction with other indicators.
  • No repainting.
  • No lagging.


  • Period - key parameter responsible for the averaging period for calculating the indicator.
  • Filter - filter period.
  • Alert - enable/disable alert.
  • Email - enable/disable emails.
  • Push - enable/disable sending messages to mobile phones.
  • clrUPPER - positive histogram color.
  • clrLOWER - negative histogram color.
  • Width - line width.

Good luck in trading!

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