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  • Can be used with any symbols and timeframes.
  • The indicator is not redrawing its values.
  • A alert signal notifies of trend change.
  • Can be adjusted to any pair, trading style and timeframe.


  • Trend direction is displayed as a line above and below the current price, as well as a large arrow in the upper right corner.
  • The blue line below the price means buying.
  • The red line over the price means selling.


  • Period_Signal - (default is 15) signal calculation period for the first strategy.
  • Period_Signal_2 - (default 10) signal calculation period for the second strategy.
  • Alerts - an audio alert in the terminal.
  • SellTextColor - the color of the text for selling
  • BuyTextColor - the color of the text for buying

It is recommended to use it as a supplement to the professional trader's indicator.

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