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Pivot Points Professional

Pivot Points Professional is a professional indicator offering different ways to calculate price support and resistance levels.

  1. Floor Pivot Points
  2. Camarilla Pivot Points
  3. Woodie's Pivot Points
  4. DeMark's Pivot Points

Input Parameters:


  • AllBars - calculating the indicator for all bars or only for the last one           
  • period - calculation period of price levels (always greater than the current one)
  • mode - one of the ways the price levels are calculated
  • pivot - the version of a pivot point calculation


  • Settings_Camarilla - individual settings for Camarilla Pivot Points;
  • Coefficient = 1.1;
  • Pivot1    = 12.0;
  • Pivot2    = 6.0;
  • Pivot3    = 4.0;
  • Pivot4    = 2.0.

Displayed Pivot Points calculation methods are popular among successful traders as they not only show support and resistance lines but also notify traders of an upcoming strong price movement. Examine the screenshots or install the demo version to view the indicator's operation in details.

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