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Looping is a very simple way to deal with Forex Trading with more ease. It can help when it's difficult to check trends or during unexpected price movements. Instead of getting confused, you will be more aware when to pass orders or not.

Trader can set a specific distance when orders to come and it will use candle High/Low points as orders place. If price failed to open order these order will get expire and this expiry can be set with desire.

Other Functions and Advantages

  • You simply need to use SELL or BUY buttons to send the orders from the chart.
  • It can handle opened or pending orders, opened manually from a desktop or mobile with adding Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing.
  • You simply need to install on one chart to handle all symbol trades.
  • It will not deal any order with magic number, no so other EA can work with this.

To understand how it can help in trading watch video below.

Input Parameters

  • Lots - For fixed lot sizing.
  • Take Profit - Take Profit (Pips).
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss (Pips).
  • UseCloseAtProfit - If false it's disabled.
  • CloseProfit - Account currency.
  • UseCloseAtLoss - If false it's disabled.
  • CloseAtLoss - Account currency.
  • UseBreakeven - If Breakeven is set to false, its disabled.
  • StartBreakeven - When Breakeven will take start (in pips).
  • StepBreakeven - When Breakeven step will move (in pips).
  • UseTrailing - True/false, if Trailing is set to false, its disabled.
  • Trailing Start - When Trailing will take start (in pips).
  • Trailing Step - Moving steps for Trailing (in pips).
  • AutoSL - To change SL in all pending/opened orders.
  • AutoTP - To change TP in all pending/opened orders.
  • UseExpireTime - If false it's disabled.
  • OrderDelTime - Pending orders expiry time in minutes.
  • OrdersDistance - Pending orders distance from price.
  • MaximumOpen - Limit of opened & pending orders.

Chart Buttons Info

  • Sell - Send a SellStop order.
  • Buy - Send a BuyStop order.
  • Close - Close everything.
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