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Hadge Expert Advisor simultaneously opens BUY (on the main symbol) and SELL (on the hedge one) positions, closes a profitable position by Take Profit and opens a new one in the same direction, while a loss-making position is averaged 'Averaging' times via 'AveragingLevel' points. After the averaged position is closed by Take Profit or Stop Loss (TrailingStop), the non-averaged one is also closed, regardless of the outcome.

The trading volume used for opening positions depends on the deposit. It is possible to limit the maximum risk size in % of the deposit.

The Expert Advisor parameters can be changed via its interface without the need to disable the trading robot (see Screenshots).

Chart's time frame does not matter.

The Expert Advisor works both with four- and five-digit quotes.


  • Volume - position volume as a % of the current balance;
  • Risk - risk level as a % of the balance. When this level is reached, the Expert Advisor closes a position and stops;
  • Averaging x - the rate of a loss-making position averaging;
  • AveragingLevel Pip - the level of a loss-making position averaging;
  • TakeProfit - Take Profit level in points for fixing the profit;
  • TrailingStop - activating Trailing stop function with Breakeven level on an averaged position;
  • Breakeven - setting the level of moving a deal to a break-even point and tracking for Trailing Stop function (in points);
  • Symbol Hage or Suffix (.h) - hedge currency pair symbol or the main symbol suffix. 

Example with the suffix: main symbol - EURUSD; hedge pair - EURUSD.h (.h suffix).

Example with hedge symbol name: main pair - NZDUSD; hedge pair symbol - AUDUSD.

Any currency pair allowing a trader to arrange the "lock" can be used as a hedge one.

If you have any questions, please send them to ms83mab@mail.ru.

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