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Eron is an automated trading composition containing 7 trading algorithms, or “Entry Heads”, most of which are based on visual technical analysis trading methods.

Eron can trade a channel as it develops (between its top and bottom), and trades can be taken at the moment price breaks out of the channel as well.Furthermore Channel bands(top and bottom) can be used as Support and Resistance levels and be traded once price breaches them from outside the channel inwards.

Quads are tradable on the same way excluding the trades in between the Quad bands(top and bottom).

A quad is a set of 4 points on the chart, the trendline of the 2 latest highs and the trendline of the 2 latest lows.

A constant measurement of Support and Resistance levels is kept at all times within Eron and is utilized for filtering trades and Setting StopLoss and TakeProfit.

Eron features at a glance

  • 7 Entry Heads
  • Risk Management Options
  • Lot adjustment options (static /%/$)
  • Trailing and Break Even abilities
  • News Filter
  • Risk:Reward filters
  • 3 Optic Algorithm
  • Break Even Adjustment
  • Lot calculation based on Balance, Equity or Free Margin
  • Static Lot Orders
  • Lot calculation based on a currency amount
  • Free Trailing
  • Grid Trailing
  • Order Partial Closing
  • And much more…

Key Parameters

  • Buffers Initial Load - This value represents the initial scan Eron should perform upon launch.Its measured in Bars(Candles).
  • Filter Optic Trades With RSI - Available for each of the 3 optics, RSI filtration is adjustable via switches, applied price settings, period, overbought and oversold readings.
  • Use News Filter ? - The main switch for the News Filter.
  • Check News Calendar for Changes Every : (hours) - Set the interval for recurring News Calendar checks.
  • What to do with Trades while in halt mode? - Additional filter behavior to be performed while in the news-block-zone, or at its very start.
  • Change Stops(tighten or widen) Just Before The News Hits ? - Additional measure, change stops in all of this instance’s trades at a certain point before the news is released.
  • Optimization Protection > Learn from specific range of hours only ? - Also called OPT, this setting will restrict all learning processes to utilize data from the hourly range you specify.
  • QSR Use Fibonacci Retracements - Use Fibonacci Retracements in Support and Resistance Calculations
  • QSR Use Fibonnaci Extensions - Use Fibonacci Extensions in Support and Resistance Calculations
  • Channel Bands Valid Deviation % - The Maximum valid deviation of the two channel bands for the formation to be considered a channel.
  • QUADS Bands Valid Min Deviation % - Here you can set the minimum deviation between the 2 bands for a “channel” to essentially become a quad. Remember, check with the channels Deviation setting and make sure the % don’t intersect.
  • Primary(1st) trade execution decider / Secondary(2nd) trade execution decider / Tertiary(3rd) trade execution decider / Quaternary(4th) trade execution decider - Criteria for picking trading ideas and executing at each check interval.
  • Broker Type - The type of account we hold in our broker
  • TRADES: Place System Stops ?(SL/TP) - Place system stops or stealth only.
  • TRADES: Stops below broker minimum distance behavior - If stops are closer than the broker allows we can reject the trade or adjust the stops.
  • TRADES: Lot Calculation Method - Method for lot sizing: Fixed Lot, % or amount of $
  • TRADES: Use Break Even? - Switch for whether or not to use Break Even.
  • TRADES: Trailing Method - Use of trailing switch and the method as well.
  • TRADES: Kill TP on first Trail? - Enable this if we have trailing enabled and we wish for the TakeProfit level to be canceled (no ceiling) at the time the first trail is applied.
  • TRADES: Trail Only Above Risk: Reward Level - Apply Risk: Reward filtration to the trailing.
  • Enforced Risk:Reward - Instruct Eron to force a minimum and/or a maximum Risk: Reward level
  • Other Settings - We can also limit trading operations by month, the day of the week, day of the month, and each hour. All times are filtered in your brokers timezone.

You may download a detailed usage Manual here : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/25060#!tab=comments&page=1&comment=5694721

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