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Pro Channel

Pro Channel is a precise and reliable support and resistance indicator.

Pro Channel can show the trend (plots a price channel) direction clearly.

When the channel is pointed up, it means the trend is up.

When the channel is pointed down, it means the trend is down.

If a level is clearly broken, it changes its role and color. Support becomes resistance and vice versa.

It is used for making trading decisions and analyzing market sentiment.

Key Features

  • Automated adjustment to the underlying timeframe
  • Displays only significant support and resistance levels
  • Immediate graphical response if a level is clearly broken

General Settings

  • TrendLines: enable/disable the price channel.
  • TimeColor: color of the font showing the time remaining until the candle is closed.
  • LinesColor: color of the line of the price channel.
  • ColorBUYzone: color of the line support.
  • ColorSELLzone: color of the line resistance.
chao tang
chao tang 2017.11.02 13:26