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Adam Experts

This is an Expert Advisor with a trading strategy based on the price action of EURUSD, it can be only used on M1.

It uses a martingale, but it will not hold many positions at the same time, and it has a maximum drawdown 15% by default.

It will automatically stop trading on the interest rate decision and the NFP, but we still recommend you to stop trading manually in front of the major data release.

In order to achieve a better deal, we still recommend that you use an ECN account with a low spread and with a stop level of 0.


  • StopLossRate: if your account balance is 10 000, then your max loss will be 1500 by default. The bigger the StopLossRate, the bigger the profit and the loss.
  • GMTHourStart: trading start hour in a day using GMT.
  • GMTHourEnd: trading end hour in a day using GMT.
  • MagicNumber: magic number.
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